Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Embracing Unchangeable

Well, it does not look like the cold weather is going away anytime soon. As I am writing this, it is actually -9 degrees outside. Schools are closed once again, etc. I cannot ever remember a colder winter in my life. The kind of cold that actually takes your breath away, and can cause frostbite in minutes if your not properly covered in the cold elements. I decided to actually take myself outside with my camera because I am going stir-crazy with cabin fever. I didn't go far, just outside my front door. Did I mention, it showed all weekend too? Here is a little photo of me trying to embrace what I cannot change, the winter's bitter cold! I am looking forward to the weekend when the temperatures will be in the 20's. I think it will actually feel like a heat-wave in comparison to the temperatures we have had in January. So everyone, enjoy the day, and please keep warm!