Sunday, January 19, 2014

Brash & Polar Vortex

With our record-breaking cold temperatures (Polar Vortex) this winter in Michigan, it has created problems on our international waterways. These waterways have shipping channels which let freighters travel between the upper and lower great lakes. One of the main waterways, which is the St.Clair River, has frozen solid and creating what is called as "Brash", making the waterway un-passable due to the solid ice formations. The Coast Guard and ice-breaking boats have to come in, and cut the ice, making the water passable for cargo vessels. So far, the crews have been working for at least a month on removing the Brash ice for passage on the water. Brash ice is actually broken ice, which is makes it harder for the cutter ships to navigate a path for the cargo vessels. This is the same river I wrote about in a post last week, entitled "Winter Inspiration" which shows the river in a totally different state about a year ago. I have never seen the river frozen solid, and was sure surprised when I took a ride a few days ago just to see the water. I was greeted with large chunks of ice as far as the eye can see. I'm still amazed, every time I see something new and amazing that has been created by nature! Here is a photo of the "Brash" that was created by the so-called Polar Vortex! Enjoy!