Thursday, February 6, 2014

Journey Through the Walk of Life

Well, it's been a busy week for me, and not in the best way. My step-son and his family had a house fire this past Monday morning that started in-between the walls of their fireplace. It slowly burned all of Sunday night, and was not discovered until Monday morning when they heard crackling in the wall of the fireplace. The family is so blessed that this fire did not take their lives in the middle of the night while they slept, as my two grandson's room was directly above the fireplace wall. I believe the house is a total loss, as what did not burn, was heavily damaged by smoke and water. Times like this are so devastating to people, to the point that you can't even think of what to do next. I cried when I saw the devastation to the house, as it was once home to me, my husband, my daughter and my step-son. It was also the last place we ever saw my other step-son alive, as he passed away last year at the age of 26. So, I have been busy with a "go-fund" fundraiser that I organized on Tue. to get my step-son and his family some emergency needs, as they have lost everything in this fire. I posted the "go-fund" on facebook, and the out-pouring of of donations and support have been truly amazing! We are already more than halfway to our goal. So many people have offered clothes, coats, shoes, etc. that we also had to set-up a central location to drop off donations. This week has taught me about love and support of total strangers. There will never be a way to thank all of these people enough for all that they have done to help my step-son and his family. It's hard for a man and woman, with their 3 children to look at what once was. Now, they are taking a new journey into what is the unknown for them. Our family is strong, and they will literally rise from the ashes in time. This is just another "Journey Through the Walk of Life." Happy Thursday everyone!