Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Inspiration

Living in Michigan, I am surrounded by water. I live on the east side of the state where Lake Erie connects to the Detroit River, which connects to Lake St. Clair, which connects to the St. Clair River, which then connects to Lake Huron. That is a lot of water on the east shores of Michigan. This photo is a view of the St. Clair River on a cold winter day. The St. Clair River is a large passage-way for freighters that can travel along all of these lakes and the St. Clair River. The St. Clair River is also a ferry-passage for vehicles to, and from Canada, which is just across the river. The day I took this photo, it was extremely cold outside, I had no gloves with me, my fingers were frozen, but I knew I had to at least take a few photos of what looked like a true winter scene on the river. Hope you like it!