Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Summer Farewell"

Saying good-bye for the Summer, to my special place on Lake Huron. I will miss it terribly throughout the Winter, as it is the place I go to find my peace and serenity, alone with my thoughts, and my camera. This is the place where I get up when it is still dark outside, grab a cup of coffee, my camera, and drive a few miles down to the Lake. There, I sit in serene silence, waiting for the magic to happen. The magic happens within minutes. A dark sky starts to lift, going from black to orange, gold, yellow and blue. The best part is when I look out onto the water and see a big red ball come up from the water out of no where. As it rises, it turns all of the magical colors of the sun. Many mornings, I am able to share the spot with geese, ducks, and even deer. I will miss it a great deal during the Winter, and long for the time when I will be back again to experience the magic and beauty of all this magical place has to offer. One last look in my mirror before I go, "Summer Farewell."