Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dawn's Early Light

Last Sunday, 9/29/13 was 9 months since my step-son passed away. I woke up with this thought on my mind, and thoughts of him. I looked out one of my back windows and saw that the sky looked like it was kind of pink. Then, I went to my front window, where our house faces Lake St. Clair about 4 miles away. The view unfolding before me was spectacular! The sky was such an amazing color with the clouds rolling by in different shades of yellow and orange. Somehow I knew at that moment, that my step-son was ok, and that he knew I was thinking of him, especially on this morning. It was also a reminder that life has to go on, and there is still beauty in all the world has to offer. So, this is the "Dawn's Early Light" as the sun came up last Sunday.