Monday, May 20, 2013

Catching Rays

This is a photo of yet another blossom tree. I'm not sure what kind, as there are so many different ones blooming all over right now. Some of these blossoms are so tiny, so thin, and so fragile, yet their beauty never ceases to amaze! I was with my kids for Mother's Day last weekend, and the home we were at had two different blossom trees outside. It was terribly windy out, so before I left, I snapped a branch from the two different trees and brought them home to take a few photos. Here is one of them entitled "Catching Rays". I think the title explains it all, as the beautiful blossom sitting next to my window was catching the great afternoon lighting. Since they are so thin, all of the little veins running through each bloom can be seen very well also. I just love Spring, as it never disappoints, sharing the beauty of nature all around us. Hope you enjoy this photo too!