Monday, April 29, 2013

Need for Speed!

In a few short weeks, all eyes will be on Detroit with the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix Indy IZOD series race. This year the race track is now 2.3 miles long, with it's many twists and turns of a street racing course. The race drivers enjoy a beautiful view of the Detroit River, and the downtown area as they race around on this course. I have attended this race many times and I highly recommend it for anyone who can attend. The backdrop of the Detroit River, matched with the Indy race cars, is definitely an experience to remember. I was downtown on Friday, as it was a beautiful day here in the "D", and I ran into this race car on display near the waterfront. Took a few pictures of this slick, fast, beautiful machine that will be racing in the next few weeks here in Detroit. Thanks for looking!