Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Michigan Weather in Days!

Well, I was really hoping Spring was just around the corner as I saw this beautiful tree while driving down the road early on a foggy morning a week ago. I took the picture as a passenger in the car going 60 mph and was unable to get a really clear shot of this tree. It looked so beautiful and serene just sitting there in a mist of fog. A few days later, it was raining and all of the snow was gone! Getting really happy now, as it really looks like Spring is in the air! There was even a rainbow after this rain, but I could only capture a photo from my front porch. Two days after what I thought was Spring rain, I woke up to two inches of snow. I tell ya, Michigan is so fickle with it's weather. So again, I will wait for the real Spring, to go out and smell the air, soak up the sun, and get out there with my camera!