Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Let the Light Shine Down

The woods in our yard at our summer place are beautiful. I can sit and look out there for long amounts of time and never get tired of the view. On the side of our woods is a path that the deer have created for themselves in which they go back and forth from the woods to the street. Usually, in early morning, they can be seen playing in the street and at dusk go back through their path and into the woods. Occasionally, a wild turkey runs across our yard, and the amount of different birds to be seen is pretty unique too. I have been trying to really learn about natural light and how to capture different kinds of photos with them. This particular photo is a picture of the woods where the trees seem to go on endlessly. I did not like the photo as much in color as I did while playing around with Infrared and B&W. I think this depicts more of how I actually saw the woods on this morning. The sun and the shadows the light created really stand out a lot more than the color version of this photo. So, "Let the Light Shine Down." Hope you enjoy!